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The Library Book - Susan Orlean

Susan Orleans' story about the LAPL fire in the 1980s is really an amazing piece of writing. It not only is a great book advocating and promoting public libraries and their mission, but also is a harrowing telling of the fire that destroyed a huge amount of the library's collection and almost the library itself.


The way she weaves the library, it's history, it's mission, and the fire and its subsequent investigation is, honestly, one of the best pieces of writing I have read about libraries.  Her interviews with the librarians, the library staff, the patrons, and those who helped save LAPL is really wonderful and heart-felt and reinforced why I love libraries and wanted to be a librarian in the first place.



Don't Think of an Elephant! Know Your Values and Frame the Debate: The Essential Guide for Progressives - Dan Hazen, Howard Dean, George Lakoff

I learned about this book via Eric Garland on Twitter. He is a strategic forecaster, per his bio, and I learn a lot from his tweets. 


I find this book fascinating and essential reading for those of us more on the Left politically. 


George Lakoff lays out nicely the Conservative strategy and how best to handle those awkward family discussions that can sometimes become heated. I never know what to do myself in those moments beside walking away and it is time to engage with our own talking points and reframe the conversation. It is also disturbing the rise of control of media via Conservatives. 


He repeats his points a lot, and gives some great examples so you can understand that Conservative family member. 


My takeaways are : 

- understanding our values 

- reframing the conversations

- and having our own talking points : Stronger America, Broad Prosperity, Better Future, Effective Government, and Mutual Responsibility


A worthwhile read.